Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tom Starling of ECC&R (UK) Ltd. has been endorsed by Imer Care Solutions Limited

Margaret Fajolu MIoD, Operations Manager of Imer Care Solutions Limited wrote:


Dear Sir / Madam

IMER Care Solutions Ltd is a National provider of Mental Health / Learning Disability Nurses & Health care Workers, we needed a training provider who was a leader in this field delivering Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention courses with training of the highest quality.

We have customers who can have extremely challenging patients and other Physical Intervention organisations have failed to adequately propose safe acceptable and approved methods to handle them.

Subsequently we used Tom Starling and his team at ECC&R(UK)Ltd and they have successfully provided our staff with the neccessary tuition to enable them to correctly manage these situations.
ECC&R(UK)Ltd’s expertise in this field is beyond question and in addition we have found that the whole organisation is efficiently managed, reliable, and trustworthy.

As a result I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ECC&R(UK)Ltd  for any setting that requires expert up to date, compliant and transparent tuition in the correct and safe practice of Conflict Resolution, Physical Intervention and the Legal requirements needed in these areas.

Kind regards,

Margaret Fajolu MIoD
Operations Manager

Imer Care Solutions Limited
Futures House
The Moakes, Marsh Farm
Luton LU3 3QB
T. 07956 393 889/01582 966 551