Saturday, 15 July 2017

Prone restraint, safe holding and exit from seclusion

We have worked hard with our expert colleagues and partner organisations (listed below) to carefully consider the physical methods of Ethical Care Control and Restraint that we should be teaching and using in a modern day health care setting. After an in depth examination of the many issues, primarily related to safety, quality and the experience of those subject to physical interventions, we have concluded that we will no longer teach face down (prone restraint) holding or exit from seclusion as part of our standard Ethical Care Syllabus - unless these methods and the reasons for using them are requested in writing by our client organisations.

We will, of course, demonstrate safer holding of a person should they place themselves in a prone position or fall over face down. However, our standard restraint or seclusion exit methods will be Kneeling, Floor Seated and Supine Supported(face-up), exiting into either Floor Seated or Recovery positions only.

Tom Starling, Managing Director, Ethical Care Control & Restraint (UK) Ltd

Professor T.W.Starling (ISM)

Paul Keedwell, Director of Nursing and Practice, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Omar Suleiman, Director, Lifestyles Support, Australia

Nurse Trainers, Al Masarra Hospitals, Oman