Friday, 22 September 2017

Instructor's PMVA Course "Train The Trainers" with ECC&R (UK) Ltd.

We are the oldest established company teaching physical interventions, control and restraint in the UK and have affiliations throughout the world and in 2018 with our Australian colleagues we are establishing the first eLearning and online "Train the Trainers" breakaway and safe holding course with both theory and practical module assessments.

ECC&R (UK) Ltd is a ISO Registered Company compliant with UK ISO9001 ICM Certification. 2017-18 this is independently audited & assessed for conformance to the Requirements of UK BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems; Personal Safety and Aggressive Management Instructors Course; Accredited by Oman Medical Specialty Board: OMSB/CPD/4722/06.14 (5 credit points - Category 1)

Course Profiles

Our courses include the legal aspects, national updated policy guidance on the theory regarding Physical Interventions which are in alignment with "Skills for health standards" in the use of Breakaway, Safe Holding & Restraining Young People, Adults and the Elderly.

These are all very intensive courses which take place over a three or five day period.

The three day course is for breakaway and safe holding, the five day course for full ECC&R breakaway and restraint syllabus.

These are suitable for any learners who are required to be an "in house" instructor or trainer to teach staff within their own organisation, caring for all age groups with appropriate adaptations for juveniles and the elderly.

Learners and organisations need to be aware that qualification is NOT automatic by attendance as every learner must pass our assessments to ensure that our high standards and expectations are maintained.  Our company is very proud of the fact that we have the highest pass mark expected for this type of training.

Our good practice dictates that all potential ECC&R Instructors must:
  • Have completed a full ECC&R level 1 or level 2 course within the previous 12 months.
  • Have a full First Aid at Work certificate valid for at least 12 months.  (This can be taken after our course to achieve full qualification)

ECC&R (UK) Ltd. developed the first private "Train the Trainers" course in the UK for Control Restraint and Physical Interventions some 30 years ago.  We supply this training for a number of organisations including NHS Trusts, Social Services and our private customers both here in the United Kingdom and globally.


To teach our instructors to a standard of excellence so they can effectively and competently deliver our system on breakaway, safe holding and restraint to others. To be able to problem solve and follow the adult health and social services in England decision making process taking account of section 58 of the Department of Health guidance Positive and Proactive Care Reducing the need for restrictive interventions.

Course Contents

  • Updated ECC&R (UK) Ltd. Learning Journal with restrictive intervention updates 2017
  • Related legislation and National Guidelines including BILD recommendations incorporating DOH 2014
  • ECC&R Breakaway and Safe Holding (Level 1) methods
  • ECC&R Control and Restraint (Level 2) methods
  • Safe exercise
  • Health & Safety
  • Micro teaching sessions
  • Work based lesson plans
  • Theory and practical instructors assessment


Certification is valid for twelve months upon successful completion of the course.  All qualified and valid trainers will be added to the ECC&R (UK) Ltd. data base and website.

This qualification will require staff to take yearly updates of two days for level 1 trainers and four days for Level 2 trainers to maintain continuous professional development, transparency, accountability and professional responsibility.